Feb. 8,Juche 112 (2023) Wednesday  
Rodong Sinmun
Women’s Union Organizations Intensify Ideological Work

Culture 2022.11.20.

Women’s union organizations at all levels of the DPRK concentrate their efforts on the ideological work to make their members firmly safeguard the class position, always mindful of their class origin.

Women’s union organizations in Pyongyang City have conducted class education in various forms and ways, with main emphasis put on awakening the women to the unchangeable aggressive nature of the imperialists.

Those in South Hwanghae Province have organized the visit to the bases for class education in a practical way.

Women’s union members in Sinchon and Kangryong counties visited the Sinchon Museum, a historical place bearing witness to the U.S. imperialists’ brutal atrocities, where they were shown data related to the atrocities committed by the enemies, the tomb of 400 mothers and the tomb of 102 children. They hardened their will to retaliate against the enemies.

The Nampho City Committee of the women’s union organizes a study and oratorical meeting with educational data about the atrocities of the enemies to encourage its members to harden their determination to defend socialism at the cost of their lives.

Women’s union organizations in Kaesong City are intensifying the anti-imperialist class education in combination with the struggle to wipe out anti-socialist and non-socialist practices.

Rodong Sinmun