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Rodong Sinmun
Unforgettable Story Associated with Famous Songs

Politics 2022.11.28.

Song Which Gives Spirit of Mt Paektu


Rodong Sinmun dated April 20, Juche 104(2015) carried the song "We Will Go to Mt Paektu".

Reading the party organ, people could hardly repress their emotion as if they were climbing Mt Paektu.

However, they could not know the story associated with the song.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un understood the breath of the times when the strong drive of education in revolutionary traditions was launched and the new generations climbed Mt Paektu continuously and gave a task to create a song reflecting the desire of people. When the song was created the respected General Secretary was pleased more than any others.

Some days later the respected General Secretary, appreciating again that the song "We Will Go to Mt Paektu" was a good one which not only youths but all people and service personnel should love to sing, warmly said that anybody who sings the song would figure to themselves the sacred mountain of our revolution and the native place dear to the hearts of our people, and also would bear in their deep minds the spirit of Mt Paektu.

A vacuum can be left in the ideological consciousness of well-qualified revolutionary if he failed to train himself.

The best school for ideological training and mental training is just Mt Paektu.

It is the eternal school of revolution.

Therefore our people will go to Mt Paektu singing the song "We Will Go to Mt Paektu", bearing in deep minds the invariable will of the respected General Secretary that all people should always remember the Mt Paektu both in good times and bad times.


Saying That We Should Carry on Revolution through Generations


One May day in Juche 102(2013), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un listened to the song "The Path of a Soldier".

After listening to the song impressively, the General Secretary expressed his satisfaction that the song was really good.

The officials were deep in thought.

The song, a masterpiece of the times, had been created under the meticulous guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il who personally had improved the lyrics.

Looking at the officials, the General Secretary said that we should carry on the revolution through the generations as the song taught us.

His precious teaching reflected his firm faith and will to carry through the revolutionary cause of Juche, which was pioneered by President Kim Il Sung and led by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Keeping in deep minds his words, the officials made a determination to carry on the revolution without the slightest vacillation and hesitation by glorifying the tradition of the victory like the former generations.

Rodong Sinmun