Mar. 24,Juche 112 (2023) Friday  
Rodong Sinmun
His Warm Care for People

Politics 2022.12.9.

Newly-appeared Soft Drink Stand


Once the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un looked round the interior of the the Rungna Dolphinarium under construction and reached the hall on the second floor.

At that time he halted for a while and asked officials for what the hall was used.

Listening to an official replying that it was science exhibition hall, he asked him what was to be arranged there.

Being informed that various kinds of things including fish samples would be exhibited there, the General Secretary asked him again if it was better to arrange the soft-drink stand here.

When the official informed him that there was a soft drink stand on the first floor, the respected General Secretary said that there was only one on the first floor.

At that time, the official realized his intention.

Because the visitors who came out of the exhibition hall had to go downstairs for drinking.

After a while, the respected General Secretary said that there should be soft-drink stand or something on the first and second floors to make the visitors drink beverages.

Thus, the soft-drink stand was newly appeared on the second floor of dolphinarium.

Reflected in the stand was noble intention of the respected General Secretary’s love for people that the people’s convenience should be provided before others even in a design.


Mark on Glass Screen


Several years ago, the respected General Secretary visited the Songdowon International Children’s Camp where its remodeling project was near completion.

It was when he entered the hall after going round the gymnasium and indoor swimming pool.

At that time he suddenly stopped and looked at something attentively.

It was a glass screen partitioning the hall and swimming pool.

However, the glass screen was so transparent that it was nearly hard to recognize it.

After a little while, pointing out the fact that there was no mark on the glass screen between the swimming pool and hall, the respected General Secretary said that children may dash their heads against it to get a bump on their heads.

Officials perceived their fault.

Before long, the General Secretary earnestly instructed the officials again to put a mark on the glass screen to prevent the children from knocking their heads against the glass.

Though everyone saw the glass screen, no one except the respected General Secretary took such meticulous care of our children lest they suffer from the slight inconvenience.

The future of the country is rising up under such warm love of the great father.

Rodong Sinmun