Mar. 24,Juche 112 (2023) Friday  
Rodong Sinmun
Session of Permanent Commission of SPA Standing Committee Held

Politics 2022.12.9.

A session of the permanent commission of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK took place.

The session discussed amendments to the DPRK’s laws on informatization, inspection of construction, foodstuff hygiene, quality certification, farm and food administration, and adopted relevant decrees.

The laws on informatization and inspection of construction further specified the articles which stipulate the long-range and stepwise planning of IT work and the review of its execution, the building and management of IT projects, the duty of construction supervision, guidance over construction supervision and others to contribute to putting the state management and all aspects of social life on an IT basis and making sure that the construction policy of the Party and the state is correctly implemented.

The contents covering the work to set proper standards for hygienic security of foodstuffs, thoroughly meet the hygienic requirements in production, sale, supply and storage of foodstuffs, improve the procedures and methods of quality certification and ramp up guidance and control over quality certification are added to the laws on foodstuff hygiene and quality certification, thus contributing to the protection and betterment of the people’s health and improvement of their living standard and the development of the country’s economy.

The articles covering the definition of a farm as a socialist agricultural enterprise, the appraisal of a crop estimate, the issuing of a plan for obligatory procurement of grain and the provision of conditions for farm work have been amended in the law on farm. Added to the law on food administration are the important issues for developing the food administration by establishing strict system and order in the procurement, processing and sale of grain.

Rodong Sinmun