Sep. 29,Juche 112 (2023) Friday  
Rodong Sinmun
Law and Our Life
Our Law Protects Happiness of All Families

Politics 2023.3.20.

A family is a cell of society consisting of parents and their children and primary and basic unit for making the whole society into a harmonious and united large one.

Mutual relations including conjugal relations and relations between parents and children are formed in the family life. The family life needs many conditions and circumstances such as relations of ownership of means for living including dwelling houses.

A harmonious family is protected and maintained by laws regulating the family life centered on the people.

The socialist law regulates mutual relations between family members and relations of property and guarantees the health of family members and proper growth of children.

The Socialist Constitution stipulates that the state protects marriages and families and that pays deep attention to consolidating the family, basic unit of people’s lives of society.

In our country the people lead a happy life without any inconveniences thanks to the family rights law, the law on dwelling houses, etc. which guarantee all necessary conditions for the people.

There are the law on education stipulating the education for children who grow into talents for future thanks to the universal 12-year compulsory education, the law on nursing and upbringing of children, the law on childcare, the public health law and others, which protect laugh of all the families and guarantee a rosy future of children.

In our country the pensioners, welfare recipients and the disabled lead a happy life as members of the society and families under the social security law, the law on protection of disabled, etc.

All our families get stronger from day to day by the warm human love and trust.

All the citizens should willingly observe such laws from a sense of duty. Otherwise, the execution of such laws protecting happiness of families cannot be guaranteed and discord and mistrust will be incurred.

Our great socialist family will get stronger when all of us sincerely observe the laws mindful that the socialist law which is the most superior in the world protects all the families.

Rodong Sinmun