Sep. 29,Juche 112 (2023) Friday  
Rodong Sinmun
Greatest Pride and Blessing

Politics 2023.3.26.

One day in September some years ago, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the seat of Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province which was rebuilt from the damage by natural disaster.

From the moment when he arrived in its village, he expressed his satisfaction at the fact that they removed all the traces of damage and the village was rebuilt in a mere several months.

Looking round the cozy low- and one-storied dwelling houses, fascinating ri cultural hall, schools and so on in the village, he was very pleased saying that it was like a fairyland.

He told that to build dwelling houses became a tradition for the Korean People’s Army when they built rural areas, noting with a broad smile on his face that the ravaged dwelling houses and public buildings in ri seat would have remained intact if the KPA had not been mobilized.

Listening to his saying, accompanying officials were lost in deep thought.

As soon as the servicepersons arrived there, they embarked on reconstruction for healing the damage before building their barracks and brought about proud reality by waging tense campaign day and night.

Looking at the officials, the General Secretary said that the KPA constituted the main force in all the fronts for recovery from the disasters and our people’s army should be appreciated as they had successfully carried out their revolutionary mission by making proud labor successes in the struggle for healing the natural disaster.

At the moment the officials were moved because the campaign was what they ought to do as army of people.

But the General Secretary highly praised their feats.

He was very glad while observing reality which the army devoted their warm sincerity to the people’s happiness.

In newly-built dwelling houses, when he saw the kitchenware and daily necessaries prepared with sincerity by officers’ families in the field of armed forces and soldiers’ families mobilized in the construction, he praised them for doing a good work and sent his greetings to families telling that the army should do it.

And then, seeing the vegetables and fruit trees, he expressed his satisfaction, adding that it was the tradition of people’s army to do a good work for the people.

Saying that he gave thanks to servicepersons who realized another desire of our Party by successfully building a model village of socialist countryside in Kangbuk-ri of Kumchon County, he asked the officials for conveying his words to them that it is the greatest pride of our Party and state and the greatest blessing for himself to have strong revolutionary army loyal to the country, people, Party and revolutionary cause.

His warm instruction moved not only the commanding officers mobilized in the reconstruction but also all the accompanying officials to tears.

Rodong Sinmun