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On Road of Assisting Army

Culture 2023.3.30.

Story Conveyed by 6 000-odd Letters


Kim Yong Ae, a woman residing in Ryongbi-ri, Mundok County, keeps over 6 000 letters from soldiers. Those letters convey a story.

It was 20-odd years ago when she received the first letter from soldiers.

She had already been called "Our Mother" by soldiers as she devoted her sincerity to them. Then she came to know that a soldier was suffering from a stomach disorder and prepared a tonic for the recovery to send it to him.

Some days later a letter reached to the house of Kim Yong Ae.

It told the heartfelt and sincere words of the soldier that he could achieve high record in the drill thanks to her warm love. She thought all night what she could do more for soldiers.

She prepared aid materials with cereals she planted in the uncultivated field around the waterway.

In April last year Kim sent aid materials to soldiers after receiving letters from soldiers who were eager to fulfill their duty as army of people in solving farming problem the Party worries.

During those days she received over 6 000 letters from soldiers.

The story conveyed by soldiers’ letters tells the truth that to assist army is patriotism and our happiness and future lie on the road of assisting soldiers.


There Is No Last Page in Diary of Assistance to Army


Ri Yong Bok, a worker of the Ongjin County Commercial Agency, who came back home after participating in the celebrations of the Day of Army Founding held in February, could not fall asleep.

Because it seemed to her that her devotion to the country was too trivial whenever she thought about benevolence of the motherly Party which called her, who has done the work what she ought to do as a citizen, to the celebrations of the Day of Army Founding as a special delegate and bestowed all sorts of love and care on her.

While racking her brains for repaying the love she received, she revealed her intention to her daughter to send dozens of piglets and a breeding pig raised by her to servicepersons.

At that time, her daughter said to Ri to leave the breeding pig.

She has helped her mother who strives for armies not wearing pretty clothes. But she could not repress her regrettable mind at that time.

Ten-odd years have passed since she began to devote pure sincerity to servicepersons.

In those days, Ri has worked hard for servicepersons as a demobilized officer and thus her hair has turned gray.

"There are no one in the world except our people who live while benefiting from the army. The respected General Secretary set up ordinary working people like me as activists in traits of assisting army. From now I will go along the road of fresh life and repay as one person among those activists", she said to her daughter.

Her ardent appeal moved her daughter to tears.

Ri Yong Bok and her daughter will go along the road of assisting army continuously.


Hyon Pyong Chol’s family in Jongju City prepares aiding materials
for soldier-builders at major construction sites

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