Jun. 2,Juche 112 (2023) Friday  
Rodong Sinmun
For Solving Socialist Rural Question Fundamentally

Politics 2023.5.26.

Primary and Important Work


In January of Juche 111(2022) the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un sent a letter to the participants in the Ninth Congress of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea (UAWK). In his speech the General Secretary said that the UAWK, in line with the Party’s intention to model the rural communities across the country on the Juche idea, should work, regarding it as its central task to train its members as masters of the rural revolution and as artists and enjoyers of modern civilization and indicated as follows:

What is the main thing in training the agricultural workers and UAWK members as masters of the rural revolution is to remould their ideas and improve their political awareness.

Herein lies the noble intention of the General Secretary to train them as trustworthy masters of the rural revolution by equipping them with the revolutionary idea and policy of our Party.

The rural revolution is able to be powerfully promoted when the decisive precedence is given to the work to remove old thoughts evident among agricultural workers and turn them into communists who have been revolutionized and armed with the Juche idea.

Therefore, the respected General Secretary, in his letter, mainly stressed that the UAWK should train its members to be rural revolutionaries, patriotic agricultural workers, in the new era, by strengthening five-point education.

The precious guideline indicated by the General Secretary becomes the immortal banner which encourages the whole people to open the new era of our style of socialist rural development.


Intelligent Agricultural Workers


One day in June, Juche 104 (2015) the respected General Secretary inspected the Jangchon Vegetable Farm in Sadong District.

When he looked round the agricultural science and technology disseminating center, he earnestly instructed that the farm should organize the operation of the center well and train its farmers to be vegetable doctors, agricultural doctors by teaching them advanced science and technology.

His instruction reflects the noble intention to train our farm workers as intelligent workers who are armed with advanced science and technology.

The General Secretary, seizing every opportunity, importantly stressed the need to vigorously conduct the study of agricultural science and technology and work for disseminating advanced farming technology as the substantial difference between the agricultural labor and industrial labor can be narrowed and the agricultural workers can be freed from difficult and toilsome work when the technological revolution is vigorously waged in rural areas.


To Turn Ours into Cultured Socialist Countryside


The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un made a historic report "Let us open up a new great era of our style socialist rural development" at the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). In his report the General Secretary said that it is important to establish a revolutionary, healthy and civilized way of life in the farms while raising the cultural awareness level of agricultural workers in order to bring about drastic improvement in accomplishing the cultural revolution in farms.

His instruction makes us look back upon his visit to Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County in September, Juche 109(2020).

Looking round dwelling houses and public buildings in the ri, he appreciated that they were built cozily and to be impeccable both exterior and interior. And he emphasized the need to bolster up remarkably the state assistance to the responsible and important work for sprucing up rural areas by accelerating the development of high civilization of the rural areas and for turning our rural areas into rich and cultured socialist rural areas backed by modern technology.

Listening to the instruction of the General Secretary, officials pictured a new appearance of our countryside which would be face-lifted in near future thanks to the great leadership of the General Secretary.

Rodong Sinmun