Nov. 30,Juche 112 (2023) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
His Exact Demands

Politics 2023.5.31.

One April day in Juche 104 (2015), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the construction site of Terminal 2 of Pyongyang International Airport nearing completion.

Learning in detail about the construction on the spot, he corrected one by one the shortcomings arising in the construction including the issues of building again the helical staircase and installing the observation elevator in the pierced hall.

Looking around the surroundings for a while at the place with an outlook over the restaurants, he instructed to design again the restaurants on the third floor as a whole and rebuild them, adding that the designing sector should work out again the ichnography of third floor enabling to classify the passages for guest and for the staff respectively and design the public service establishments.

In fact, the designing of restaurants had been worked out several times.

But officials did not know the reason until then why the General Secretary made exact demands.

After looking round all the places of the construction site for a long time, he halted and turned his eyes to the accompanying officials.

And then he said to them feeling remorse that he pointed out many shortcomings and he made exact demands for providing our people with splendid terminal.

After listening to his saying, the officials came to know the reason why he made exact demands.

Until now, the story implants deep in mind of our officials, architects and builders what are the genuine posture and feature of persons creating the people’s happiness.

Rodong Sinmun