Nov. 30,Juche 112 (2023) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Preparation for Wheat and Barley Harvest in North Hwanghae Province

Economy 2023.6.2.

In North Hwanghae Province they put spurs to the preparation for wheat and barley harvest while speeding up rice-transplanting. They concluded repair and overhaul of thousands of threshers and tractors, in the main, and successfully built the drying places of grains.

They direct much effort to the preparation for harvesting while fertilizing and tending wheat and barley in a responsible way.

The farming guidance officials in the province organize well all the farming works to bring about practical successes.

They make the preparation for harvesting wheat and barley without any waste in a short span of time.

They put efforts into repair and overhaul of farming machines, mindful of ensuring full operation of machines like movable reapers and threshers in order to solve the problem of manpower.

In particular, officials and working people of the farm machine stations in cities and counties went to the farms to help their repairs and overhauls.

Provincial officials pushed forward with the construction of arch-style drying places of grains in farms.

The farming guidance officials learn in detail about the preparation for wheat and barley harvest on the spot and take measures to solve the arising problems, while pushing ahead with the second crop rice-planting.

Rodong Sinmun