Nov. 29,Juche 112 (2023) Wednesday  
Rodong Sinmun
For Making All People Well-versed in Science and Technology

Politics 2023.6.4.

Work Everybody Should Do


One May day of Juche 104(2015) the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Sinpho Distant-Sea Fishery Complex, a large scale seafood production base, with the noble intention to provide more fish to our people.

That day the General Secretary dropped in at a sci-tech dissemination room.

Looking round the room, he said that the complex should not content itself with arranging the sci-tech base and should collect much valuable sci-tech data suited to the world trend to let the people use it.

Noting that the development of the country depends on the development of science and technology and the sci-tech research should be done by everybody including scientists and technicians, he stressed that everybody should enroll in the study-while-working system and learn hard and every unit should build the sci-tech disseminating base well and operate it on a normal basis.

The sci-tech research should be done by everybody!

Indeed, the General Secretary’s instruction given that day is a precious one representing his noble idea that when all the employees are equipped with modern science and technology more success can be achieved.


His Grand Aspiration Reflected in Term of Our Era


One June day of Juche 102(2013) the respected General Secretary inspected a factory which was remodeled newly.

Looking round various places of the factory to aquaint himslef with the remodeling and production of the factory, the General Secretary learnt in detail about the operation of tele-education room of the factory, too.

An official informed the General Secretary that the workers of the factory attend the lecture given by Kim Chaek University of Technology through computer network and they are to be given diploma of the university when they graduate.

Listening to explanation of the official carefully, the General Secretary praised that education management program was made very well saying satisfactorily that learning at the tele-education room should be called all-people study system.

His saying is a meaningful instruction which illuminates the meaning of tele-education clearly.

After a while the General Secretary said that we should bring science and technology close to production by bringing education closer to reality and everybody should arm with appropriate knowledge by learning hard to become a member of the socialist civilized nation.

Today, the tele-education network has been established across the country and all the members of the society are learning hard to train themselves to be more powerful working people equipped with modern science and technology. This is a bright fruition which was brought about by the wise leadership of the peerlessly great man.

Rodong Sinmun