Nov. 30,Juche 112 (2023) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
During Days of Building Large-scale Greenhouse Farm

Politics 2023.6.9.

Bold Plan Mapped Out for People


One October day in Juche 108(2019), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery under construction.

While pointing to greenhouses at the observation platform that day, he wore a broad smile saying that all the troubles experienced since the year before brought good result at last.

At that time officials in company with him were moved to tears while recollecting those days when the General Secretary had visited the Jungphyong area in July the year before, despite the sultry weather of the dog days, to choose the vast area of airfield sector as site of greenhouse farm, and visited there again in August to set forth the tasks and ways for building the greenhouse farm on the highest level.

That day, the General Secretary said that it might be the first large-scale greenhouse farm in our country and indeed, it was a revolution in the greenhouse farming.

Looking around the officials seized with excitement, he noted that whatever they map out and do for the people, our Korean revolutionaries should wage everything in a bold way to strike the world.

Picturing the general view of the large-scale greenhouse farm situated in vast area, they felt again what the creative ideal and principle of the General Secretary for the people were.


To Make People Benefit from Farm


In October last year, the respected General Secretary attended the inaugural ceremony of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm and cut the completion tape and looked round the farm.

He repeatedly praised that to turn the field into a splendid vast farm area was the greatest miracle which could be performed by only the Korean People’s Army.

The KPA officers were moved while receiving his high appraisal.

Since the day when the General Secretary personally set the farm site, he solved all the problems arising in building farm construction including problems of funds, materials and forming a building force to be participated in the building work, becoming himself designer and owner of building.

That day, the General Secretary stressed the need to put the vegetable production and management on a higher scientific level and make the people in South Hamgyong Province really benefit from the greenhouse farm through production race with the Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm.

It should be a farm which the people benefit from.

His saying shows his noble intention that any creations separated from the people’s happiness can never be existed.

Rodong Sinmun