Nov. 30,Juche 112 (2023) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
By Mobilizing Technical Forces

Economy 2023.9.17.

At Chongjin Chemical Fiber Factory


The Chongjin Chemical Fiber Factory pushes ahead with the building of circulated fluidized bed boiler at its final stage.

Under the scrupulous plan of the Ministry of Chemical Industry the factory mobilized the powerful technical and repair forces into building of boiler and intensified the grasp and guidance to it as well as provision work of needed material.

Workers and technicians of the factory mobilized all reserves and potentials to the maximum and displayed the mental spirit to the full, thus finished the concrete tamping and production of curved pipes.

Welders waged a socialist emulation, so that the installing of pipe network was finished as scheduled. Technicians solved the sci-tech problems arising in building.

Now the officials, workers and technicians conduct the vigorous struggle to finish the boiler building under the target to normalize the rayon pulp production this year.


At Wonsan Youth Power Station


The Wonsan Youth Power Station has developed and introduced new devices by its own efforts.

In the past the station used to have old device, and this caused the station much troubles in realizing the scientification of water management.

So, officials and employees of the station buckled down to developing new device.

The station found out the able talents among employees and put efforts to mobilizing their creative ability.

Technicians learnt from the advanced technology and experience of relevant units and solved the technical problems arising in developing new device.

Thus, the station developed the new device and realized the scientification of water management on a higher level.


At Recycling Company of Auju City Construction Brigade


Workers of the recycling company of the Anju City Construction Brigade make success in production of plastic pipe.

The company set it as the primary task to raise the quality of their products and paid attention to heightening the technical level of workers.

The company conducted the substantial on-spot technical study and learnt the advanced science and technology through the sci-tech dissemination base. The workers swapped experience each other and conducted mass-based technical innovation movement. As a result the company made a substantial progress in heightening the quality of products.

The company pushed ahead with the work to increase the varieties of products as well. They renovated the equipment so that they could produce plastic pipe of bigger diameter.

The workers of the company continue to put spurs to produce more plastic pipes of better quality.

Rodong Sinmun