Rodong Sinmun

Who Is Accomplice in Killing?


A month long Israeli attack on the Gaza strip leveled that small place literally in ashes. Bombs and shells from ships and tanks kept pounding Gaza. More than 1 800 people were killed, including children in classes and women out in the streets.

The savage onslaughts on peaceful people were arch crime against international laws and humanitarianism.

The world is indignant at the Israeli outrage.

Only the U.S. backs it. It was an accomplice in those bestial killings. It is Israel's master and an ally.

Vital interests they share have knocked them together.

The U.S. has taken lots and lots of trouble in raising Israel as it is now and always stood by Israel in all disputes and military clashes. What is stunning the world is that the U.S. has now become an accomplice in Israel's mass slaughter.

Backed by the U.S., Israel's man-killings won't stop till they are both sent to hell by peace-loving people of the world.

Jon Yong Hui