Rodong Sinmun

Human Rights' Court Waits for U.S.


Obama, U.S. president at a press conference in the White House acknowledged the torture of the persons under suspicion right after the September 11 incident as wrong, adding that the blame should be taken for it.

It is worth appreciating that the U.S. revealed its looks as the kingpin of infringement on human rights of its own accord before the world.

But the U.S. crimes of violation of human rights beyond human imagination have already been disclosed to the full.

Innumerable are the brutal manslaughters committed by the U.S. in all parts of the world.

The U.S. naval base prison in Guantanamo fully proves itself as the medieval torture place of the U.S.

In the new century the U.S. has tortured the inmates in its prisons more brutally than the fascists committed in the last century.

The international laws disallow tortures that torment people.

But under the pretext of combating terrorism the U.S. has put innocent people behind bars even without trial on the suspicion of being terrorists and inflicted intolerable tortures upon them in gross violation of the international laws and war regulations.

It is a disgrace to humankind that such ferocious crimes of violation of human rights are committed in the civilized world today.

The U.S. chief executive acknowledged brutal torture of prisoners reluctantly like eating crow, unable to hide their dirty looks as the ferocious kingpin of violation of human rights before the world.

Obama in his election commitment had promised to abolish all secret prisons across the world, but they exist today too.

Now the U.S. is denounced internationally over its wiretapping on its allies. The U.S. is trembling with fear it would undergo greater international censure in case secret prison issue is opened to the public.

Analysts ridicule that the U.S. obsessed by delusion of persecution finds itself in a dilemma.

The U.S. built the infernal secret prisons in other countries and shamelessly commits tortures and murders on the prisoners.

The U.S. can never conceal its nature as human rights violator.

The violation of human rights committed by the U.S. in all parts of the world in disregard of international laws and the opposition of the world people is an unethical crime that can never be overlooked.

The U.S. should appear in the dock of the world court of human rights for itself.

Ri Hyon Do