Despicable Act of Abusing Sacred Olympics for Confrontation Plot


Pence, who is visiting south Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, is rebuffed and blasted at home and abroad for his anti-DPRK confrontation hysteria unfit for the atmosphere of the Olympics.

Pence let out a torrent of abuse pointing an accusing finger at the others' event, instead of just sitting to watch it as a guest. His behavior is nothing but an ugly sight being reminded of crazy Trump.

We never sent the high-level delegation to south Korea in order to create the possibility of a dialogue with Americans by meeting them who are not worth human beings.

We do not do such mean and nasty things like the U.S. abusing such sports festival as Olympics for a political purpose.

We are ready for a variety of plans to cope with any attempts of the U.S., such as military strike, sanctions and pressure and confrontational racket.

Pence must know that his frantic acts of abusing the sacred Olympics for confrontational ruckus are as foolish and stupid an act as sweeping the sea with a broom.

As exemplified by the Winter Olympics that opened with splendor by the concerted efforts of the north and the south, the whole Korean nation's ardent aspirations and wishes for concord, unity and reunification can't be dampened with anything.

If Pence wants to avoid experiencing a hot agony of shame on the stage of the Olympics, he had better stop behaving imprudently and clearly learn about how ardently the compatriots of the north and the south of Korea wish to reunify the country by their concerted efforts and quietly disappear.

Kim Chol Myong