Historic North-South Summit for National Reconciliation and Unity, Peace and Prosperity

Kim Jong Un Says Goodbye to Moon Jae In


The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un successfully concluded the historic north-south summit meeting and talks and said goodbye to President Moon Jae In.

When Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju came out of the "House of Peace" together with Moon Jae In and his wife, the personages from the north and the south broke into thunderous applause.

Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju took the reserved seats installed outdoor with Moon Jae In and his wife and watched a farewell performance "One spring" prepared by the south side.

At the end of the performance Kim Jong Un shook hands with the personages from the south and Moon Jae In with those from the north one by one, exchanging farewells.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In took hands and said goodbye to each other, promising a fresh start.

Kim Jong Un left the "House of Peace" amid a warm send-off of personages from the south side.

Political News Team