Improvement of Inter-Korean Relation Is Good for U.S.


 The publication of the historic Panmunjom declaration in April excited the whole world, and the U.S. gave its hearty support to it.

However, its eye and facial expression toward the Korean peninsula are dim and twisted and its attitude towards the inter-Korean relations is so cold.

The U.S. must realize that the more the inter-Korean relations improve, the better way the U.S. would have, and if things of other countries and nations go well, its things would also go well.

In view of the prestige of the DPRK in the international politics and the geo-political position of the Korean peninsula, the inter-Korean relations can be termed a key link in the chain of the world politics, and if the knot in the inter-Korean relations is untied, it will not be bad but good for the U.S.

To try to block the path the north and the south paved with much effort, in disregard of that obvious principle, will only make the U.S. conduct awkward.

The U.S. moves to check the improvement of the inter-Korean relations further awaken all Koreans in the north and the south.

They come to cherish the belief and truth that the Korean nation would achieve nothing if it depends on the outsiders displeased with everything good for it and reads their face, and that there would be no reunification and peace without independence.

The engine for the development of the inter-Korean relations exists inside the Korean nation and the speed of its acceleration also hinges on the timetable set by the nation itself.

As the path being taken by the north and the south with their concerted efforts is just the one of justice and truth, no force can block it, and if the masters stand in the van of the advance, the world will follow them.

One will feel refreshed when his bunged up nose is open.

If the U.S. takes a broad view of matter and shows the conduct befitting a superpower, it will better its position and make the world feel far more convenient.

Jo Nam Jin