Nation's Best Scientists and Technicians in 2018 (4)


Kim Nam Chol, Ace Pioneer of Quantum Informatics


Kim Nam Chol is a sectional chief of the Photoelectronic Institute of the Physics Faculty of Kim Il Sung University. He also holds a doctorate and a vice-professorship.

He opened up the field of quantum informatics in the DPRK.

He put over 20 treatises in authoritative international scholarly journals and attended more than 10 international scientific symposiums. He contributed outstandingly to developing our quantum informatics on to a world level and obtained a doctorate in his thirties.

He did not limit himself to his researches into the basics of quantum informatics but buckled down again to developing new quantum information technology. He intensified his researches into the quantum technology of cryptographic communications in particular to detect any trace of wiretapping and frustrate any such attempt in principle. He played a key role in developing, designing and making a quantum cryptographic communications device of practical value.

Being an educator, he trained many doctors and masters. He has judged and edited scientific treatises at the invitation of many international learned journals presses. Last year he was registered as “a representative scholar of Korea in 2018” in the world-famous Who’s Who.

Kim Yun Mi