Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Mt Kumgang Tourist Area


Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected Mt Kumgang tourist area.

Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces Kim Jong Un looked round Kosong Port, Haegumgang Hotel, House of Culture, Kumgangsan Hotel, Kumgangsan Okryu Restaurant, Kumgang Pension Town, Kuryong Village, Onchon Village, Family Hotel, Onjong Pavilion No. 2, Kosong Port Golf Course, Kosong Port Immigration Office, etc. which were built by the south side and Lagoon Samil and areas of Sea Kumgang and Kuryong Pool.

Learning in detail about the service facilities in the tourist area, he said that the buildings are just a hotchpotch with no national character at all, and that they were built like makeshift tents in a disaster-stricken area or isolation wards. He added they are not only very backward in terms of architecture but look so shabby as they are not taken proper care of.

He said that it was extremely wrong that a few blocks of such buildings reminiscent of temporary buildings at construction sites were set up for the tour of Mt Kumgang, the world-famous mountain. He added that in the past those concerned with construction built awkward-looking tourist service facilities only to damage the natural scenery. He said that due to the mistaken policy of the predecessors who tried to get benefits without any efforts after just offering the tourist area, the mountain has been left uncared for more than ten years to leave a flaw and the land is worthy of better cause. He made a sharp criticism of the very wrong, dependent policy of the predecessors who were going to rely on others when the country was not sufficient enough.

He pointed out that structures on our land must be those of our style rich in national character and they must be created to meet our own sentiment and aesthetic taste.

He called for removing all the unpleasant-looking facilities of the south side with an agreement with the relevant unit of the south side and building new modern service facilities our own way that go well with the natural scenery of Mt Kumgang.

The present general view is that Mt Kumgang is a common property of the north and the south and it is the symbol and epitome of the north-south relations, and that the tour of Mt Kumgang would not be possible without the development of the north-south ties, he said, adding that this is certainly a mistaken idea and a misguided understanding.

Mt Kumgang is our land won at the cost of blood and even a cliff and a tree there are associated with our sovereignty and dignity, he said, noting in a serious tone that the relevant department of the Party Central Committee responsible for policy guidance over the service for tour of Mt Kumgang thoughtlessly allotted the plot of the Mt Kumgang tourist area and paid no attention to the management of the cultural tourist area, thereby damaging the scenery.

He continued that there are lots of distinguished scenic spots on our land but Mt Kumgang boasting of myriads of forms of natural scenery is the summa of scenic spots. He set forth detailed tasks for wonderfully developing modern cultural tourist resort in Mt Kumgang area so that the people can rest, fully enjoying the natural scenery of the country.

He instructed to build Kosong Port coastal tourist area, Pirobong mountaineering tourist area, Haegumgang coastal park area and sports cultural area and to push for the construction in 3-4 stages on a yearly basis after mapping out and examining the master development plan of Mt Kumgang tourist area.

He also said Mt Kumgang tourist area, the world-level scenic spot, should be taken good care of as the cultural tourist area that encompasses Mt Kumgang, Wonsan Kalma coastal tourist area and Masikryong Ski Resort, as befits the world's scenic spot.

He said that we will always welcome our compatriots from the south if they want to come to Mt Kumgang after it is wonderfully built as the world-level tourist destination but what is important is for our people to have the shared view that it is not desirable to let the south side undertake the tour of Mt Kumgang, our famous mountain.

He was accompanied by officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Jang Kum Chol, Kim Yo Jong, Jo Yong Won, Ri Jong Nam, Yu Jin, Hong Yong Song, Hyon Song Wol and Jang Song Ho, First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son Hui and Director of a bureau of the State Affairs Commission Ma Won Chun.

Political News Team