Novel Coronavirus Infection and Enhancement of Resistance


Nowadays, the novel coronavirus is rapidly spreading in the world. It is analogous to SARS, a devil infectious disease that drove the whole world into anxiety and horror in 2003.

It is still hard to predict how many people will be infected with it and lose their lives.

What is obvious is that infection with this virus is rapidly spreading by its contacts.

In our country where the human life is considered to be the most precious, strict measures have already been taken to isolate people coming back from abroad at borders, harbors and airports.

Preventive and anti-epidemic establishments and doctors in charge of inhabitants are engaged in the preventive activities.

It is said in an analysis of treatment for people infected with novel coronavirus that those above the middle age, rather than children, take up a great portion of the patients.

High fatality has been recorded among those with immunity deficiency caused by diabetes and other incurable diseases, in particular.

Experiences gained in the campaign against SARS and MERS clearly show that those viruses, however varied they are, cannot work on human bodies with strong resistance.

It is imperative to raise the resistance of human body through proper physique training.

Along with this, taking immunity activator or immunity optimizing drugs can also be helpful.

Our ancestors used to make wide use of Kaesong Koryo Insam to strengthen their bodies or to cure cold and other diseases.

Immunity activator or immunity optimizing drugs such as medicines made with processed Insam and Kumdang-2 injection developed in recent years are drawing the interest of the world community.

Research and efforts will be further deepened to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus and its infection.

Ri Nam Song, Section Chief of Central Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre