Active Steps Taken in DPRK to Prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection


The National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center under the Ministry of Public Health is pressing for timely steps to thoroughly check the spread of the novel coronavirus infection which arouses worldwide concern.

Competent experts have promptly been dispatched to relevant units to fulfill their duties as direct organizers of hygienic and anti-epidemic work, and they are carrying out strict inspection and quarantine by use of such equipment as infrared ray body temperature measuring devices.

In close collaboration with several organizations, those who entered the country from abroad after January 13 are all confirmed and put under medical supervision.

Fully aware that the prevention of the novel coronavirus infection is an important work for defending the security of the country and the life and safety of people, all the workers in the anti-epidemic field set up rapid reaction teams in epidemiology, experiment and disinfection fields in areas from the capital to provinces and maintain constant standby posture so as to promptly counter any slightest situation.

The National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center has set up nationwide specimen transport system and has fully secured a material and technical foundation for the prompt diagnosis of suspicious cases.

It has turned disease supervision system into emergency anti-epidemic system so as to ensure the watch-out for the epidemics at the maximum.

It is conducting real-time study and analysis of the occurrences of the cases in the neighboring countries and in other parts of the world and disseminating the data to anti-epidemic institutions at all levels including those near borders and harbors. As a result, scores of data have been disseminated as of the present.

The officials of the National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center are also conducting active hygienic information service for the prevention of the infectious disease, asserting that prevention is the best cure as vaccine and medicine for the novel coronavirus have not yet been developed in the world.

Rodong Sinmun