Substantial Anti-epidemic Measures Taken in Far-sighted Manner


Jongju City continues to intensify organizational and political work to strictly curb COVID-19.

Its officials are positively waging hygienic information services so that inhabitants wear masks with a sense of duty, frequently wash their hands and observe the rules of health.

Doctors conduct explanation and information service among residents in their charges in various ways so as to make them frequently ventilate rooms, drink boiled water and thoroughly sterilize doorknobs.

The city also sees to it that its garment factories produce and supply masks in time.

It strictly checks the spread route of the novel coronavirus by normalizing disinfection of the sewage system while paying special attention to the sterilization of drinking water.

Suan County always keeps the environment of shops and other service establishments disinfected by urging them to wage the sterilization work several times a day.

The county hygienic and anti-epidemic center produces antiseptic solutions to regularly supply them to factories, enterprises and households.

It is securing abundant materials and medical appliances including sprays for disinfection, putting vehicles on constant alert and taking other foresighted measures to allow no slightest negligence in the anti-epidemic work.

Officials and workers in the sector of the capital city passenger transport are thoroughly carrying out the nationwide top-class measures to prevent the viral epidemic.

Regularized at the Ryonmot Trolleybus Station and the Moranbong Bus Station is rigid sterilization of trolleybuses and buses daily used by numbers of people.

The Munsu Tram Station is keeping itself in a more hygienic and clean state while regularizing sterilization by introducing highly efficient disinfectants in close contact with hygienic and anti-epidemic organs.

Moreover, explanations are introduced on televisions installed at the trams and trolleybuses in order to make people approach COVID-19 with sharp vigilance.


Rodong Sinmun