Class Education Should Be Intensified Incessantly 


At the moment, the DPRK people are filled with surging indignation and hatred against the anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering of “defectors from the north” and the connivance of the south Korean authorities at the misdeed.

This reality requires that class education should be constantly intensified so as to thoroughly prepare all the Party members, working people and the rising generation as vanguard fighters of the class struggle.

Class consciousness constitutes the core of the socialist idea and class education is fundamental to socialist education. Unthinkable apart from class education are the independent life of the popular masses, the dignity and value of the human being and the victory of socialism.

To intensify class education is a prerequisite for resolutely smashing the enemies’ manoeuvers and firmly safeguarding our-style socialism.

It is also a fundamental requirement for bringing about a new upswing and innovation in the grand onward march for economic construction with high class self-respect.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should further solidify our revolutionary position and class position from a steadfast class viewpoint and fight staunchly for the victory of socialism.

Pak Yon