Campaign for Minimizing Damage from Typhoon Launched in DPRK


A typhoon warning was issued in most areas in the DPRK with Typhoon No. 8 arriving in the country between coming Wednesday and Thursday.

The whole nation is now engrossed in the campaign for minimizing the damage from the typhoon.

In the fields of coal and extractive industries steps are being taken to increase the number of pumping machines and piping to drain water from heavy rain out of pits in time.

Thermo-power and hydro-power stations are taking urgent measures to protect generating equipment and hydraulic structures from thunderbolt, heavy rain and storm.

The railway transport field is putting greater efforts to the inclined railroad sections and places prone to landslide, and people have taken up an emergency posture to be able to immediately cope with any circumstances.

In the fishery and offshore farms on the west coast of the DPRK fishing boats have been taken to safe zones and measures are being taken to prevent the production buildings, discharging equipment and culture farms from damage.

The land and environmental field is making all efforts to prevent the damage by the typhoon after making a list of the dangerous places with poor conditions.

Strong measures for protecting crops from the typhoon are also being taken on farms across the country.

Rodong Sinmun