Faunal and Floral Exhibition House Newly Built


Situated in the Rangnim Mountains Mt Oga is a nature reserve, a national treasure of our country.

It boasts a pass crossed by President Kim Il Sung when he travelled quite a distance to study in Korea and did that again a few years after to liberate it from Japanese colonial rule.

The officials and employees of the Ogasan Nature Reserve Management Station newly built a faunal and floral exhibition hall with a total floor space of 300-odd square meters to take better care of their nature reserve and show the natural scenery of the mountain throughout the year.

Stuffed bears, badgers, pheasants, heath cocks and other animals as well as more than 800 specimens of plants like a wild insam, an Amur cock, a barrenwort and a rhododendron are displayed at the exhibition hall.

There are also a pavilion and a resting place round the exhibition hall, where visitors can relax and enjoy the natural scenery of Mt Oga.


Jon Myong Il