Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Reconstruction Sites

in South Hamgyong Province


Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, provided guidance inspecting reconstruction sites in the eastern area including Sinpho City and Hongwon County in South Hamgyong Province.

Accompanying the Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces were Pak Jong Chon, Jo Yong Won, Kim Yong Su, Hyon Song Wol and Kim Myong Sik.

He was greeted on the spot by Commander of the Division No.1 of Party Members of the Capital City Choe Hwi, vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee; Commissar Ri Yong Sik, first vice director of the Information and Publicity Department of the WPK Central Committee; Chief of Staff Sim In Song, vice-chairman in charge of organizational affairs of the Pyongyang City Committee of the WPK; and commanding officers of the Korean People's Army's units at different levels.

He exchanged greetings with leading officials of the division.

He said that the division members and service personnel involved in the reconstruction campaign were always in his heart during the celebrations marking the founding anniversary of the glorious Party, and added that he missed them and he visited them to give encouragement to them.

The Supreme Leader called on the Party members from the capital city of Pyongyang, the core force our Party puts its greatest trust in, to immediately go to calamity-afflicted areas in North and South Hamgyong provinces and to help them remove the aftereffects as soon as possible. In hearty response to his ardent call, the members of division 1 arrived in the disaster-stricken areas repairing the section of road extending scores of kilometers and built 147 modern dwelling houses in Unpho and Kyongpho workers' districts in Hongwon County and Haksadae-ri, Riwon County of South Hamgyong Province in 12-29 Sept. period, within 18 days since the start of the reconstruction project. Thus they carried out their duties before the October holiday. Then they went to the most severely devastated areas, the areas which are left behind in the reconstruction, and are pushing forward with the all-out reconstruction campaign to achieve greater successes.

He said that the Party members of the capital city and service personnel are undergoing many difficulties far away from their homes, looking round for a long time the new houses to which they put their efforts.

He said that they built the houses flawlessly as well as professional builders, noting with great satisfaction that those houses are a crystal of the loyalty of Party members from the capital city to the Party, and the work capacity of the elite division of the Party members of the capital city was fully displayed in practice.

He said that the Party spirit, the spirit of serving the people and the revolutionary spirit of the core Party members from the capital city were verified this time, adding that their intense loyalty and struggle zeal are prevailing all over the reconstruction sites and encouraging all the builders to perform new feats and innovations, and serve as a driving force for the acceleration of the reconstruction project.

He said that by involving the core Party members of the capital city in the reconstruction of the local areas, we could give proper understanding as to what the Party members should do and what the duty and role of a Party member should be when the country is in difficulties, adding that this contributed to establishing a good socialist national trait of the whole country sharing and overcoming ordeals together.

He said that although the project was great and the conditions were unfavorable, proud successes were achieved thanks to their devoted efforts, adding that the proud achievements showed that if Party members turn out with firm faith, they can display the tremendous strength and no ordeal would be insurmountable in the world.

The Supreme Leader said that it is good to see collectivism being fully displayed, a beautiful trait of helping and leading one another forward and learning with an open mind amid the fierce hot wind of the socialist emulation during the construction, adding a hot wind of competition including the campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps building experiences with them should be raised fiercely in all the campaign sites for recovery from natural disasters to let all units make innovations.

He stressed the need to provide the Party member fighters with clothes for winter, necessities, materials and supplies in a responsible manner and take good measures for treatment and prevention, now that the weather is getting cold.

He appreciated that service personnel of the People's Army have raised fierce flames of performing the feats in the campaign sites for recovery from disasters in South Hamgyong province to build new dwelling houses embodying the plan of our Party and desire and requirement of the people like mushrooms after rain, and made miraculous successes.

He said that it is a miracle that can be worked by only our army, creator of the people's happiness and pioneer of a new civilization, that the service personnel have registered a series of brilliant successes in finishing the building of dwelling houses qualitatively in time while making unsparing devotion with the same sincerity with which they would make when they build their own houses and villages, after correctly understanding that architecture is like a visual aid material of ideology and culture in which the height of the ideology and civilization in the times is intuitively reflected as noted by the Party.

Calling for steadily setting new example and model in the direction of preserving the characteristics of specific zones in the local construction in the future, too, the Supreme Leader emphasized that the designing agencies assume very important mission in materializing our Party's grandiose plan for local construction.

He particularly stressed that it is one of important issues that should be prioritized to enhance the responsibility and role of the field of construction supervision.

According to a recent report, there occurred wicked and shameless violation of law of construction in which construction is done in a random way in a easy-going way in violation of the requirements of the designing and construction method by some units in Kangwon Province, and North and South Hamgyong Provinces, he said, adding that this issue will be strictly dealt with.

He instructed officials to study and introduce the way of paving roads in the residential districts with earth hardening agent.

He stressed the need to plant lots of fruit trees around every dwelling house and carry out the work of creating forests in the surrounding mountains on a long-term basis.

Out of dwelling houses he looked around today, the ones built by the division of Party members from the capital city were the best, he said, adding that as the chairman of the WPK, the houses built by the Party members from the capital were most valuable to him and he felt proud of them. He stressed that the houses built by the division of the Party members from the capital city are a model which all the units should reach and follow in the construction for rehabilitation from damage.

Calling on the divisions of the Party members from the capital city to conduct a new creation drive with high awareness and enthusiasm in the areas to which they had been moved with the tasks given by the Party, he extended militant greetings to all the members of the division of Party members from the capital city once again.

He said that watching the construction of the dwelling houses, the people in the afflicted areas waiting day by day with great expectation and hope would be really pleased, ardently appealing to all to make redoubled and strenuous efforts to bring earlier the day of completion when new cradle of happy life would be provided to our people.

Political News Team