Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Receives Congratulatory Letter from C. C., AINDF


Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un received a congratulatory letter from the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) on Jan. 11.

The letter said that amid the international attention to the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the fellow countrymen in the south are filled with emotion and ecstasy upon receiving the news about his election as the general secretary of the WPK.

The letter said it is a manifestation of absolute support and trust of all the WPK members and other people of the north in the peerlessly great man that Kim Jong Un was invariably held in high esteem as the head of the great WPK, and at the same time, a great special event to firmly guarantee the final accomplishment of the cause of the Juche revolution pioneered on Mt Paektu and the rosy future of all generations to come.

The letter extended the highest glory and warmest congratulation to Kim Jong Un, the top representative of the WPK, with ardent reverence for him cherished by vanguard fighters and patriotic people of all walks of life in the south on the occasion of the national-historic auspicious event.

It said that it is the inevitability of history and great fortune of the Korean nation to hold Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the general secretary of the WPK who performed great exploits unprecedented in history with his outstanding idea, superb leadership and noble virtues.

The letter noted that with the pride and self-esteem of holding Kim Jong Un, who is demonstrating the national dignity and mightiness by leading the WPK, at the top leading post, the AINDF would consolidate itself into the ranks of Juche-type loyalists believing and following only the Supreme Leader.

The letter stressed that as Kim Jong Un, the brilliant sun of Juche and prominent hero of the nation, illumines the way for the times, the day of national reunification, a desire of the whole countrymen, will surely come.

Rodong Sinmun