To Provide Better Living Conditions to People


In September, 2013 Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the apartment houses for the educators of Kim Il Sung University which were near completion.

That day he looked round their interior like a father who inspected the house of his son or daughter after he or she set up a branch family. He gave detailed instructions to complete the apartment houses at the highest level. He suddenly suggested inspecting a resting place on the 17th floor of one of them.

At that moment his accompanying officials could not but be embarrassed because the elevator of the apartment house could not be operated.

One of them informed him of it and advised him against doing so right now. But he refused and reassured them. He took the lead in going up the stairs step by step.

The officials were so much impressed.

After a while Kim Jong Un reached the indoor resting place. He saw playing instruments piled up on the children’s playing space and was delighted that the children of the teachers and researchers would be happy to enjoy them. He gave warm instructions to carpet the floor of the playing space with natural stones and tiles, turf part of it and plant flowers in a stand-supprted bed.

Things of this sort too often happen during his guidance visits to many other units, too.

Indeed, he is the great father of the Korean people who devotes his all to their good despite any hardship.

Rodong Sinmun