Working Hard with One Mind and One Purpose


The officials and employees of the Taesongsan Relics Management Station do all they can with a clear patriotic conscience to conserve the national heritage of famous historied Mt Taesong.

They always bear in mind that the good conservancy of its historical relics leads to lustering the immortal services rendered by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il to the conservation of national heritage. They fulfill their duty with a high sense of responsibility.

The Party organization of the TRMS makes preferential efforts to educate all its employees ideologically so that they can fully discharge their duty in conserving with greater care the historical relics and remains of Korea, the product of the wisdom, talent and patriotism of its ancestors.

The employees of the TRMS sodded a lawn of a new variety and planted flowering shrubs of good strains round the time-honored Kwangbop Temple and in and around Mt Taesong for landscape’s sake.

They also make repairs on our ancient walls built on Mt Taesong.

Meanwhile, the working people of Taesong District and the public servants of ministries and national organs as well regard the repairs to the walls as their bounden duty and join together to carry them out with their whole hearts.

They contributed to successfully repairing the walls for hundreds of meters by their united efforts from a desire to add luster to the long history and excellent cultural traditions of the nation.

Rodong Sinmun