Their Work Found by Conjugal Drivers Worthwhile


Kim Chol Nam and Jin Chun Sim are husband and wife. They are drivers at the Rangnang Tram Station in Pyongyang.

Unlike the others, the drivers of the RTS cannot afford to enjoy themselves happily on holidays and off days owing to their passenger traffic in Pyongyang.

But the couple chose to drive streetcars of their own will and have faithfully applied themselves to their work since then.

Jin Chun Sim was employed in the RTS and functioned as a conductress of a streetcar after she left her secondary school more than a decade ago. In those days she was informed by the officials of the RTS that President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il did their utmost to settle the problem of passenger traffic in Pyongyang and benefit its citizens.

She determined to devote her all to enabling the people to enjoy our Party’s love for them and became a streetcar driver of her own accord.

She tried her hardest to be a good driver.

Sometimes she burnt the midnight oil joining the repairmen of her RTS to repair her streetcar to run it on a normal footing. Moreover, she did not go home after the day’s shift work on many occasions but went on with her streetcar service to master operational skill.

The repairmen of the RTS were quite ready to show her a kindness. They told her that they would check and repair her streetcar and earnestly asked her to go back home.

But she turned them down replying that she was the master and driver of her streetcar and should check and repair it herself. She joined them in maintaining her streetcar without hesitation.

Kim Chol Nam volunteered to work at the RTS when he was discharged from military service more than ten years ago. He was firmly resolved to serve the people devotedly the way he did so during his army life.

He drove his streetcar all day long day by day and also improved his repair capability in a short period of time. He not only repaired his streetcar but also took it upon himself to maintain other streetcars, too.

Consequently, Kim Chol Nam and Jin Chun Sim were distinguished as model drivers. They got tied to each other by assiduity and finally fell in love with each other.

The day they were united in marriage Jin Chun Sim told Kim Chol Nam that she would remain a streetcar driver all her life.

Kim Chol Nam fully endorsed this.

They did their best day and night to perform their duties well every day.

Consequently they always led all their fellow drivers of the Pyongyang Municipal General Passenger Transport Enterprise in taking good care of streetcars whenever their technological conditions were judged.

They were never indifferent to all their passengers.

Many of them became the old acquaintances of the couple. They included heroes, deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, scientists, researchers and many labor innovators.

When passengers reported for work and went back home from it by streetcar talking about successes in their work Kim Chol Nam and Jin Chun Sim were pleased with them and took a pride in that they helped them in and out of work by dint of labor.


Rodong Sinmun