Material and Technical Foundations for Fish Breeding Strengthened in DPRK 


Fish farms across the DPRK put efforts into consolidating their material and technical foundations for boosting fish breeding.

The Youth Tudan Breed Fish Farm in Pyongyang expanded the area for breeding insects to be used as feed and made pushcarts for supplying feed. New water filters were installed in the farm to raise the hatching rate.

The Sohung Poman Fish Farm in North Hwanghae Province manufactured advanced feed processing equipment to increase productivity while reducing feed consumption. The Kanggye City Breed Fish Farm in Jagang Province provided hundreds of units in the city with many fries.

The Rinsan Catfish Farm in North Hwanghae Province established a gravity-fed water-supply system to save electricity, provided a guarantee for ceaselessly breeding catfish and increased the area for cultivating feed grass. Other fish farms work hard to cement their material and technical foundations.

Rodong Sinmun