Brisk Agitation for Increased Crop Production Conducted
in Socialist Cooperative Farms


The members of an art propaganda squad of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League conduct itinerary agitation for increased grain production at the socialist cooperative farms which do their best to hit without fail their grain production targets for the first year of another five-year plan set at the 8th Party Congress.

They completed in a short time their works of high ideological and artistic quality like poems, a mixed chorus, pieces of witty talk, performances on the brass, songs and a harmonica trio and staged them actively at the farms.

The squad gave performances at the cooperative farms in Sinwon County of South Hwanghae Province and Ryonggang and Onchon Counties and Kangso District of Nampho City and encouraged their agricultural workers and their helpers to work hard by the sweat of their brows as always to carry out the Party’s policy of agriculture and increase their agricultural production.

While watching the performances the farmers and their helpers confirmed their determination to work hard like their former generation and firmly defend the main sector of socialist economic construction.

In addition, the members of the squad actively helped the farmers in their busy work and donated their supplies to them as a token of their sincerity, thus inspiring them to further efforts.

The cooperative farms are invigorated by the squad.

Rodong Sinmun