Emergency Anti-epidemic Campaign Further Intensified in DPRK


The emergency campaign for checking the inroads of the malignant coronavirus is further intensified across the country.

Those in the central emergency anti-epidemic field concentrate their efforts on more firmly consolidating the anti-epidemic walls, revving up the public anti-epidemic atmosphere and tightening the anti-epidemic discipline and order, while closely watching the worldwide spread of COVID-19 variants and the global health crisis caused by it.

They have taken advance measures to find out and remove the defects to be caused by disastrous weather, urging the people to conduct the emergency anti-epidemic work, as required by the relevant rules, with maximum vigilance.

The citizens are informed of anti-epidemic knowledge, common hygienic knowledge and rules of conduct through mass media, educational networks and field loudspeakers.

Medical treatment and curative service facilities and hygienic and anti-epidemic organs wage a brisk campaign to thoroughly prevent the outbreak and spread of different contagious diseases.

Officials and workers at institutions, enterprises and factories are strongly urged not to violate the relevant discipline in the anti-epidemic work.

Amid the brisk nationwide support for the countryside, farmers and supporters are urged to voluntarily ensure their unity of action in the anti-epidemic work. Agit-prop activities are brisk to make sure that they tackle any abnormal phenomena from the anti-epidemic viewpoint.

Anti-epidemic observation posts are reinforced twice and thrice at major construction sites and builders and vehicles undergo thorough disinfection.

Public catering facilities also take measures to prevent the inroads of the malignant virus.




Rodong Sinmun