Efforts Made to Keep and Tend Their Goats on a Scientific Footing




True to the decisions of the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea the labor and management of the Kanggye Goat Farm go all out to mass-produce dairy products.

They calculated the number of the children of the crèches and kindergartens of their city and the daily output of their dairy products in detail and aimed high at boosting their production.

Above all, they make great endeavors to increase the number of their goats and keep and tend them on scientific lines.

The farm has chosen to graze its goats in separate flocks and fixed the number of them in a flock at 50 or so.

Besides, it tries its hardest to ensure that its employees acquire extensive scientific and technological knowledge of goat raising.

Its managerial staff and workers are now striving mightily to augment the number of their goats and simultaneously intensifying their epizootic prevention to produce more dairy products.

Rodong Sinmun