The Traditional Dishes of the Nation for the Period of Sweltering Midsummer Heat 


We are now in the sweltering heat of midsummer. The wholesome traditional dishes of the nation are accordingly very popular among the people everywhere in our country.

Tangogi soup is typical of the dishes during the period of sweltering midsummer heat.

From ancient times our people have enjoyed hot tangogi soup and cooked foxtail millet and perspired copiously during the period of sweltering midsummer heat to counter heat with heat and invigorate their bodies well.

It has long been said that chicken dishes, too, vitalize oneself.

"Samgyetang" is a tonic. It is prepared by stuffing a chicken with glutinous rice, whole bulbs of garlics, ginseng, etc and boiling it hard. In the ingredients, ginseng is of the essence.

From olden times the people of Pyongyang have enjoyed eating cooked rice mixed with various kinds of boiled meats, edible grass and so on, plus a spitchcock during the period of sweltering midsummer heat.

Our national dishes do themselves fuller justice today developing our culinary and dietary culture.





Rodong Sinmun