Korean Women's Heroic Feats Associated with War Victory


The history of the great victory won by the DPRK in the Fatherland Liberation War records the heroic feats performed by women who bravely fought to defend the country in response to the call of their leader.

During the hard-fought war, the Korean women devoted their youth and lives to defending the leader, country and people, and more than ten heroines and some 20 000 winners of official commendation were produced.

In hearty response to the patriotic call of President Kim Il Sung to go all out for victory in the war, hundreds of thousands of women volunteered to join the army in just more than three months after the war started.

Serving in different arms of the army during the war, they displayed matchless heroic spirit and self-sacrificing spirit in life-and-death battles.

Heroine Jo Sun Ok, a nurse who destroyed an enemy tank through a sacrifice attack at the age of 21, and Heroine Thae Son Hui, the first woman pilot of the DPRK who was called a phoenix, are models of the Korean women.

There was also the first women's tank crew who operated a heavy tank, which even men dared not do, to annihilate enemies and contributed to the war victory.

Devoted efforts of women for the war victory could be seen at the rear.

Heroine Sin Pho Hyang, a worker at the Rakwon Machine Factory, put her heart and soul into making grenades and Heroine Kim Rak Hui struggled to increase wartime grain production, not leaving an inch of land to lie idle.

Like this, the Korean women willingly turned out and devoted their blood and lives to the war victory at the crucial time when the country faced severe ordeals

The President highly appreciated their role in the war and conferred high titles on them, calling them heroic women and a valorous militant unit without an equal in the world.

Rodong Sinmun