Art Performance Given for Participants in First Workshop of
KPA Commanders and Political Officers


An art performance was given by the band of the State Affairs Commission for the participants in the first workshop of the commanders and political officers of the Korean People's Army (KPA) at the Samjiyon Theater on Thursday.

The performance was specially prepared by the artistes of the band, true to the lofty intention of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un to encourage the participants in the workshop of the military and political cadres of the whole army devoting themselves, together with the officers and soldiers of the units in their charge, to carrying out the orders given by the Party in the forefront for national defence and socialist construction.

Prior to the performance, the artistes of the band warmly congratulated the commanding personnel of the KPA on their great honor of being given warm affection and important instructions for their development by the respected Marshal whom they missed so much, and of being received by him in the courtyard of the Party Central Committee, the courtyard of the Supreme Command they have deemed dearer than their own lives while standing guard at far-off posts.

Put on the stage of the performance, which started amid the feelings of deep gratitude to the respected General Secretary, were the songs which reverberated throughout the proud annals of the Korean revolution which has emerged victorious under the guidance of the great Party, furthering the enthusiasm of our people and the service personnel of the KPA for the revolution and struggle.

Strong and dynamic tunes of the songs, instilling stronger enthusiasm into the elated military and political cadres of the KPA determined to develop all units of the KPA into invincible combat ranks remaining loyal to the cause of the WPK, made the venue of the art performance seethe with the strong will to annihilate the enemy and great excitement.

Watching the performance overflowing with the fighting spirit of the brave KPA which has developed into the mighty revolutionary army of the Party and invincible one-match-for-a-hundred army under the guidance of the great Party, the audience felt surging immense honor and happiness of being the revolutionary soldiers of the respected General Secretary.

The performance, each number of which was run through with the earnest request of the Party urging them to remain true to the pledge they made at the beginning of their military service to keep to the glorious road of defending our great state and people, added to the enthusiasm and courage of the military and political cadres of the KPA to devotedly protect the respected General Secretary with arms and honor their sacred mission and duty for defending the country, the people and the revolution.

Realizing once again the deep trust and fatherly loving care shown by the respected General Secretary, who clearly indicated the way of their struggle for fulfilling their mission and duty as commanding personnel of the revolutionary army of the Party and gives them great strength and courage, the military and political cadres of the KPA firmly pledged to contribute to carrying out the cause of building a powerful army of the Party by becoming the commanders and political officers modeled on the WPK who take the lead in upholding the great revolutionary idea of the respected General Secretary and his leadership over the military.


Political News Team