War Veterans Enjoy Themselves at Yangdok Hot Spring Resort


The participants in the Seventh National Conference of War Veterans enjoyed themselves at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort before and after the conference under the special benevolence of the Workers' Party of Korea which bestows all favors on war veterans, elders of the revolution, wishing them good health.

Under the warm loving care of the mother Party, the veterans visited the fantastic hot spring resort this year, too, as they did last year. They were given full VIP treatment in the whole period of recreation.

They, walking along the winding corridor, feasted their eyes on the beautiful landscape, had shower bath and hot hydropathy in the outdoor spa set up in the green pine forest of Onjong Peak, and in the indoor spa that consists of scores of personal bathtubs like Kumdanghwa, pine-needle and medicinal wormwood bathtubs.

The resort was enlivened everywhere with veterans who were spending a pleasant time while receiving kind services wherever they go at the resort, including the general service centre full of various kinds of fitness apparatuses and cultural recreation facilities and the egg-boiling site.

They sang wartime songs and danced to the tune of folk songs with artistes of the art troupes from Pyongyang that gave colorful performance, and had photos taken.

The war veterans from Pyongyang, Sinuiju, Kanggye, Hamhung and Nampho cities and Unjon and Phungso counties received birthday spreads during their recreation period, being warmly congratulated by service workers.

Keenly feeling the Party's benevolence getting bigger as the days go by, all the veterans hardly repressed their excitement, saying it seemed they regained their youth.

Marshal Kim Jong Un, celebrating the V-day together with the veterans, made a congratulatory speech full of enthusiasm in which he said good health of the war veterans is a great inspiration to our Party and people and a great encouragement to our revolution. Not content with such great trust and loving care shown to them, he had a photo session to be handed down generation after generation and made sure they had a pleasant rest, the war veterans said, bursting out their excitement that such a great man as Kim Jong Un could not be found in any other parts of the world.

The war veterans who spent happy days at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort extended gratitude again and again to the respected Marshal who lavishes warm affection and loving care on the war veterans so that they can remain full of energy despite their advanced ages while leading a life of all happiness and comfort in the prosperous era of the Workers' Party.

The participants in the Seventh National Conference of War Veterans were full of enthusiasm to always cherish the great benevolence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and fully fulfill their duty as the second generation of the revolution in making the rising generation steadily carry forward the heroic spirit of the 1950s and tradition of victory.


Rodong Sinmun