National Sci-Tech Presentation in Field of Pharmacy Held 


A national sci-tech presentation in the field of pharmacy was held through video conferencing under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea.

The presentation on the theme of "Realization of domestic production of medicines and scientification of Koryo medicines" was held to share and widely disseminate the sci-tech successes conducive to producing efficacious pharmaceuticals including reserve medicines and ensuring the domestic supply of raw and other materials needed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Attending the presentation were teachers, researchers and medical workers of more than 30 units including Kim Il Sung University, Hamhung University of Pharmacology, the Bioengineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences and the Pharmacy Research Institute of the Institute of Medical Science.

Presented there were over 100 sci-tech successes and treatises gained or completed in the course of research for producing the medicines needed for medical treatment and disease prevention with domestic raw materials and technology.

Rodong Sinmun