The Korean Painting "A Kingfisher by a Lotus Pond" 


The Korean painting "A Kingfisher by a Lotus Pond" was produced by Jang Sung Op, a talented painter of Korea who left clear traces in its art history in the 19th century. It belongs to his typical paintings which show his individuality well.

The lotus flower, reed, fish and bird, which are often found in and by a pond, were painted with light and gentle strokes in mild color tones to give peace and quiet.

The smart ample petals of a big and beautiful lotus flower are painted in the middle of the painting. A kingfisher perches on a thin reed below the petal.

The painting graphically portrays the pondscape, the relevant autumn colors, the distinct nationality of Koreans and their love for the home country.

The painting was boldly made with single strokes and conspicuously colored so that it can look bright and give a cold and warm feeling. Besides, fish gather round the end of the top of the reed which droops and soaks in the pond. It is mistaken for feed. This proves that the painter was sharp-eyed.

Jang Sung Op struck a new path in painting flowers and birds, thus demonstrating the superiority of the Korean paintings based on keen observation, artistic portrayal and the brush.


Rodong Sinmun