All Out to Consolidate Foundations for Current and Prospective Electricity Production 


In the sector of the electric power industry workers and management go all out to consolidate the foundations for the current and prospective production of their electricity.

The labor and management of hydroelectric power stations fully exert themselves to repair their structures qualitatively before anything else.

The Orangchon Power Station 1 and the Samsu Power Station try hard to repair preliminary tunnels for their waterway tunnels and build waterproof breast walls in a short time to prevent even a drop of water from being lost during their electricity production.

The workers of the Huichon and Thaechon Power Stations ceaselessly reinforce their dams to secure and store as much water as possible.

All power stations make endeavors to maintain their generating equipment qualitatively and take good technological care of it to operate it at full capacity during the rainy season and produce their electricity stably the next year.

The Jangjingang and Hochongang Power Stations are all out to perfect further their real-time efficiency measuring systems and their programs for flood calculation which have been applied to them on trial and complete the integrated system for the power control of all hydraulic power stations and thus put their water control on a scientific footing.

Thermal power stations, too, do all they can to solidify the foundations for the production of their electricity.

Although they were faced with many difficulties in their current production the workers and management of the Sunchon Thermal Power Station worked hard as one to successfully increase the storage capacity of their coal yard in a short time.

The Pukchang Thermal Power Complex and the Pyongyang Thermal Power Station make turbine blades and replace their old ones with new ones in concert with the unit concerned. Meanwhile, they strive to examine their break-and-make switches as a whole, find and repair all their bad equipment and augment the output of every electric generator.

Power transmission and transformation stations maintain their main transformers, breakers and disconnectors and reinforce their power transmission pylons in the second half of this year so as to put their power transmitters and transformers in normal operation and ensure the thorough stability of their power system.

Rodong Sinmun