Monument to Field Guidance by Kim Jong Un Built
  in Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm


Monument to the field guidance by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un "May footprints of love for people left in Jungphyong land shine long" was built at the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm.

The farm, a gigantic creature on the northeastern coast of the country reflective of loving care for the people, is associated with the undying leadership feats of Kim Jong Un who made ceaseless journey of dedication to the promotion of people's well-being.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un chose the site for the farm on July 15, Juche 107(2018) and since then visited the far-off and dangerous construction site several times and solved all the problems.

Saying that building a modern vegetable greenhouse farm is what he had always wanted to do for the people, he provided energetic guidance to build the greenhouse farm and the farm village as an iconic large-scale vegetable greenhouse farm and model socialist rural village.

He led the work to make the farm a land- and labor-intensive modern one that combines hydroponic greenhouse and soil greenhouse, and to push forward the preparations for the farm operation in a far-sighted way. He also illuminated the direction and ways for bringing about a turn in the greenhouse farming and as a result of his detailed guidance the vast sea of greenhouses appeared in the formerly dusty Jungphyong area.

He personally attended the ceremony for the opening of the greenhouse farm and cut the tape. He earnestly asked the farm to produce lots of tasty and nutritious vegetables to greatly contribute to the diet of the people, stressing that geographically there are places that are near and far for him but as for the people they are all close to him.

With pure loyalty to convey to posterity the undying feats of the General Secretary, the officials and working people of the farm built the wonderful monument with natural granite.

Chief Secretary of the North Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Chol Sam, Chairperson of the Provincial People's Committee Pak Man Ho and other officials of the province and the farm looked round the monument on Tuesday.

The officials and working people of the farm were full of enthusiasm to glorify the leadership feats of Kim Jong Un, who have turned the Jungphyong area into the golden land with his ardent loving care for the people, with greater vegetable production results.

Rodong Sinmun