Emergency Epidemic Prevention Work Continues with High Vigilance in DPRK


All sectors and units have taken thorough measures to ensure perfection in the emergency epidemic prevention work with high vigilance and redoubled efforts, true to the administrative policy of the DPRK government.

The central emergency epidemic prevention unit puts primary efforts into turning the present epidemic prevention system into a more reliable and developed one, while letting all citizens maintain high vigilance.

As the danger of COVID-19 infection increases in colder weather and the epidemic prevention work is protracted, the unit conducts agitprop activities to make sure that officials, working people and residents turn out as one in the prevention work, well aware of the gravity of the global health crisis.

Emergency epidemic prevention units in all provinces, cities and counties focus on preventing any slightest deviations in the preventive work, while securing material and technical means for the work, steadily improving the professional qualifications of epidemic prevention workers and enhancing the responsibility of the workers at the epidemic prevention posts.

Rejecting indolence and carelessness, relevant organs engage in finding and tackling the defects in the prevention work, while pushing ahead with perfecting the exclusive disinfecting facilities and establishing a more effective disinfection system.

Hygienic and epidemic prevention units make full preparations for rooting out the sources of the outbreak of various diseases and coping with any abnormal situation.

Public health organs conduct health check-ups of people regularly and medical workers in charge of households also enhance their role.

Industrial establishments, co-op farms and neighborhood units rev up the atmosphere of overcoming the on-going health crisis by dint of collectivism, while making sure that all employees and citizens make it part of their lives to wear masks and disinfect their hands and voluntarily observe the preventive rules and order.



Rodong Sinmun