Our Superior System of Education


Children in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea are studying to their heart’s content no matter where in the country they are.

This is a reality which can only be witnessed under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards love for the coming generation as the most important.

Our state adopted decisions and orders on building branch schools in areas with unfavorable conditions for commute tens of years ago and thus established numerous branch schools in different places of the country under the wise leadership of the Party.

Every branch school has been fully furnished with teaching tools, visual aids, samples of animals and plants and the like. And a branch school was built even on a small lighthouse islet newly born when a tideland was reclaimed and its opening ceremony was held for only a few pupils.

At another branch school, a graduation ceremony for a single pupil was held with significance.

Other legendary tales were also witnessed in our country to touch people’s heartstrings.

What’s more, school trains, boats and buses run here and there of our country and bridges are built for the purpose of their convenient attendance to school.

Even in the most trying days of the country, these trains, buses and boats continued service without interruption and lessons didn’t pause for a moment at schools.

Thanks to the ennobling love of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for the future generation, the universal 12-year compulsory education has been enforced in our country and measures of the Party and the state were taken one by one to develop education.

Indeed, our country’s tomorrow is bright and rosy under the benevolent care of our Party.

Rodong Sinmun