Great Bosom Which Brings Up Revolutionaries and Patriots 




On Sep. 8, 2021 the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un had a photo session with the labour innovators and merited persons who participated in the celebrations of the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK at the office building of the Party Central Committee and hosted them a splendid banquet. Among them were 20-odd scientists of the State Academy of Sciences.

Prof. and Dr. Ko Kyong Min, researcher of the Manufactory No. 111 of the State Academy of Sciences, expressed his feelings as follows:

“We keenly sensed in our hearts that we were the luckiest in the world when we had a photo session with the respected General Secretary in the courtyard of the Party Central Committee.”

Dr. Kim Kwang Ho, room chief of the Mathematics Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences who was selected as one of the very best national scientists and technicians of 2020 for his valuable scientific and technological successes, said as follows:

“We could make contributions to the prosperity and development of the country even a little thanks to the respected General Secretary who firmly trusted in us, led us step by step taking care of us with attentive affection. His affection and trust provide us with novel conceptions, passion for creation and stubborn will.”

The respected General Secretary highly appreciated our scientists and technicians saying that they take an important part in implementing the Party’s line of attaching importance to science and the scientists and technicians are the main force of the scientific and technological front, the front line in defending the Party and revolution and carrying out our cause.

It is the unshakable will of the respected General Secretary to accelerate a fresh victory of socialist construction by dint of science and technology.

The happiest in the world are our scientists and technicians in the bosom of the peerlessly great man who recognizes their unnoticeable efforts and highly appreciates their services.

In the great bosom of the respected General Secretary our scientists and technicians will lead brilliant lives forever and thanks to his wise leadership our Juche-oriented science will be dynamically developed.

Rodong Sinmun