Defence Development Exhibition Gives People Faith in Certain Victory and Courage 


Officials, staff and students of the field of national defense science and education, military schools at all levels and universities here and many other people visited the venue for the Defence Development Exhibition Self-Defence-2021 from Oct. 15 to 17 amid the daily-increasing zeal for the visit to the exhibition.

Looking at the immortal photos displayed in the venue, the visitors felt deep reverence for the great Party Central Committee bringing about a new turning point in strengthening the defense capability of the nation by leading the great cause of building a powerful and prosperous country to victory and glory.

The exhibition showing great successes made in the revolution in national defense industry gave the visitors the great pride in the invincible military force firmly guaranteeing the eternal security and future of the country and the conviction of sure victory, and hardened their will to devote all their wisdom and zeal to the sacred struggle for adding luster to the dignity and glory of a powerful country.

The visitors watched the video showing the performance and power of the cutting-edge weapon systems of our own types and looked round the exhibits with deep emotion.


Rodong Sinmun