Eternal Banner of Victory 


95 years have passed since the Down-with-Imperialism Union(DIU) was formed by President Kim Il Sung.

Even now the banner of the DIU brightly lights the way of our revolution after a long torrent of time which witnessed changed mountains and streams and several generations replaced.

The formation of the DIU meant declaration of live-or-die struggle to down the Japanese imperialists and proclamation of confrontation with all imperialisms on the earth. It was also the solemn thunder which showed the grand ambition and ideal of Korean revolutionaries to build socialism and communism.

The world has never witnessed such a great person as President Kim Il Sung who set forth the fighting goal filled with matchless pluck and grandiose ideal and opened a new era under the banner of independence by forming the Juche-oriented revolutionary vanguard organization.

Thanks to the formation of the DIU the revolutionary struggle of our people came to enter the new way of its development and our glorious Party began to take root. The program of the DIU became the basis of the program of our Party and the principle of independence set forth by the DIU the principle of our Party in its building and activities. Also the new generation revolutionaries became the backbone for foundation of our Party.

The Workers’ Party of Korea was developed into the revolutionary Party of Juche and emerged ever-victorious under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The immortal exploits of the President and the Chairman, who upheld the idea of the DIU for their whole lives and opened a history of prosperity on this land, shine more brightly as we hold the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un in high esteem.

The respected General Secretary realizes the cause of immortalizing the great leaders on the highest level with the noblest moral obligation and sees to it that the history of the great leaders and the idea and tradition are continued invariably.

Our people see the great inheritance of the DIU from the present reality that the revolutionary spirit of Mt Paektu is pulsating in the hearts of all the people, the revolutionary armed forces display its dignity as the ever-victorious revolutionary army of the Party and the laughter and hurrah of our people for the Workers’ Party of Korea resound louder.


Rodong Sinmun