What Makes Our Country Young 


Still kept in the young people’s hearts is the great trust of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who wrote in his letter of congratulations to young people that a state with a huge army of young people, who stoutly carry forward the revolutionary spirit and fighting stamina created by their preceding generations, advances by leaps and bounds full of youthful vigor without knowing any senility forever.

In the van of socialist construction led by our Party despite all challenges and hardships to victory have always stood brave and gallant young people firmly rallied round the Party. Besides, they have grown to be strong pillars of our socialist country in the new era of the Juche revolution.

Our country is advancing by leaps and bounds always full of vitality and vigor in spite of difficulties as it has a large contingent of such trustworthy young people who are adorning their prime days with creation and innovation out of eagerness to shoulder all the heavy burdens of the country on themselves.

Youth of a country is ensured by its young people who constitute the most active unit of the society and the heroes of the future. Making leaps and bounds full of youthful vigor, our great country now calls upon young people to go to the places where new feats are being achieved.

Let us become a kindling spark and a prairie fire in the ongoing gigantic general advance!—This is the faith and will of the young people today.

Our country will be vibrant with youthful vigor forever thanks to its millions of promising young people who have staunchly inherited the loyalty and patriotism bequeathed by their revolutionary forerunners.

Rodong Sinmun