We Will Devote Our Youth to Country 


More young people across the country volunteer to work at difficult worksites after receiving the congratulatory letter sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to the young people who volunteered to work in difficult and challenging sectors of socialist construction. The volunteering atmosphere grows stronger.

Then why do they leave their dear homes and cities and go to mines, coal mines, construction sites and farms?

After the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, a young volunteer from Nampho City, a graduate of Kim Il Sung University, volunteered to work at a socialist farm with his diploma, saying that he regards it as the greatest honor to take the lead in upholding and carrying out the respected General Secretary’s intention and desire.

Those, who have settled in the workplaces and places strange to them with firm determination to throw themselves into resolving the afflictions of the Party and the state, are trustworthy young vanguards with excellent character.

Every upsurge of our revolution has begun with the sweeping enthusiasm of the young people for volunteering, and this enthusiasm has always given rise to a revolutionary and patriotic zeal, resulting in stirring eras.

"Go through fire and water in response to the Party’s call!"

Keeping in their minds the slogan of faith, our youths will devote their efforts and enthusiasm to performing brilliant miracles and feats.


Rodong Sinmun